Thursday, May 15, 2014

Modern Green Tiny house trailer

This is the newest tiny house that I have created on my quest to find the perfect floor plan.The dimensions are 24 feet long by 8 feet wide.There is a separate bedroom with just enough space for the bed to be placed in the middle of the wall so each person has their own nightstand and you don't have to crawl over anyone to get out of bed.There are two picture windows in the bedroom and the main door is a sliding glass door which allows for tons of light to heat up your small cabin space.
view from the bedroom

kitchen sink with fridge underneath plus pantry

tiny Singer sewing machine

overview of the bedroom

pulling up to the tiny

blanket/clothing storage cabinet above the bookshelf in the bedroom

back of the house

storage above sink and toilet

view from the shower

polka dot shower curtain

cabinet on the left could accommodate a small washer dryer combo and more clothes/craft storage

table and chairs could be collapsible and stored against the wall under the window

right side of bedroom shows off the surfer wall art

sunny spot on the left side of the bedroom

craft corner / dinning room

wine barrel shower stall I used beads to look like bottles on the shelves

yes I made a small toilet paper roll

bathroom overview

great room overview

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Crimson Mint tiny house trailer remodel

back of the house
This updated floor plan has the bathroom situated in the middle of the house breaking up the living spaces giving the bedroom more privacy.I love the french doors opening off of the bedroom and the dutch door in the kitchen.
aloha !

wall to wall closet about 8 feet high

toilet and shelf full of towels

kitchen has plenty of counter space and storage

woodburning stove kitchen table

 dutch door

I made a small toothbrush and paste

shelf above bathroom door

bathroom overview with metal tub shower

outside looking in bathroom

with the murphybed up you have plenty of space to do yoga or just hang out I imagine having a couple of comfy chairs that you could roll out of the way when your beds down.beds up voila!you have a sitting room

craft tray with fabric and house plant

kitchen overview with tiny pig on fridge to the right

front of the house